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Technische Universität München
Institute for Advanced Study

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85748 Garching

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Goals and Mission


IESP aims to generate and provide scientific knowledge and cross-cutting expertise to tackle the current Earth System crises, focusing on:

  • Climate and Energy
  • Water and Food
  • Biodiversity
  • Social and economic inequity

IESP distinguishes itself by its large-scale long-term view on the Earth Crises, as well as by its ambition to build bridges between science, society, and political decision makers. We shall accomplish this goal by organizing seminars and workshops on various issues of general interest. Academic scholars, politicians, business people, students, and interested lay people are invited to participate in such events.


IESP wants to ensure a safe future of nature and humanity and help preserve the current functions of the Earth System by:

  • Establishing a network of scientists who actively contribute to a sustainable future
  • Initiating research projects that shed light on potential pathways that help preserve today's Earth System
  • Generating platforms to discuss and help implement most promising solutions
  • Synthesizing scientific solutions to global problems, and communicating them to the public and to the government